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Mortgage Loans

January 3, 2018

Real estate loans rose at a 2.6% rate in  November after rising at a 7.0% pace in Ocrtober (the light blue bars).   Over the course of the past year mortgage lending has risen 3.7% (the dark blue line).

Total loan growth has been slowing for all types of bank lending — real estate, consumer, and commercial and industrial loans.   The slowdown began right at the time of the election so it may reflect uncertainty regarding the fate of Dodd-Frank legislation under Trump.  We do not expect it to be long-lasting.   Over the course of the last year total loans have risen at a 3.7% pace.  However, in the past six months total loans have expanded at a 5.0% pace and the the past three months at a 6.0% pace so the pace of lending appears to be accelerating.

Stephen Slifer


Charleston, SC

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