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Union Membership — By State

February 3, 2017

Union Membership -- States High Pct.

At the very top of the list is New York where 23.6% of its workers belonged to unions.  It was closely followed by Hawaii and Alaska and at 19.9% and 18.5%, respectively.  Slightly farther down the list is California at 15.9%.

Union Membership -- States Low Pct.

The biggest declines in union membership have occurred at states which have a large manufacturing presence — like Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  As a result of automation and outsourcing of jobs overseas, union membership in those states has fallen between 3-5% since 2000.  The decline is most pronounced in Wisconsin which became a right-to-work state in 2015.  There are currently 28 right-to-work states in the U.S.

Union Membership -- States High Mfg.

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